This question may not be as crazy as it sounds.

A “witch” is not the incoherent old lady in your village suffering from Alzheimer’s who wanders about naked at night. It is not necessarily your father’s 2nd wife, grandmother, relative, or whoever you believe has sold their soul to the Devil, wishes evil upon you and your family, and is actively trying to subvert your destiny.

Witches are not women or men who fly across the sky on broomsticks at night. They are not just the “witch doctors” or soothsayers who fleece you of the money you worship, by giving you fake potions and offering false prophecies.

And they are not only those who get their powers from dark forces and demonic principalities residing in high places.

ANYONE (male or female) who contends with the Truth of God is a “witch”. ANYONE who rejects His word or argues against it, is a witch. And ANYONE who rebels against His commandments, principles and tenets is also a witch.

For to do ANY of these things, you need to have given yourself over to the Enemy (consciously or unconsciously), and allowed his demonic forces to posses you. Hence, you are now in the control of other powers and practicing idolatry.

Truth is, many so called “Christians” and others have become practicing witches, and are fully entrenched in “witchcraft” unawares.

So ask yourself again: ARE YOU A WITCH?

Deep down, you probably know the answer. If you are offended by this, you are probably one. If this post pricks something inside you, or you feel “condemned” by it, you are definitely one. This is not a matter of opinion – for by their fruits, ye shall know them.

And if this is so, it is not too late to deliver yourself.


“Now the word of the LORD came to Samuel, saying, “I greatly regret that I have set up Saul as king, for he has turned back from following Me, and has not performed My commandments.” And it grieved Samuel, and he cried out to the LORD all night” – ‭I Samuel‬ ‭15:10

“For REBELLION is as the sin of WITCHCRAFT, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have REJECTED the word of the LORD, He also has rejected you from being King” – I Samuel‬ ‭15:23‬‬

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2017
Inspired by Palesa

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