We have now reached the concluding part of this series, where I asked if a Christian be a feminist? I have decided to split the conclusion into 2 parts, and I begin by drawing the arguments together in order to show that the principles underpinning Feminism clearly go against biblical tenets and Godly principles.

As previously explained in Part 1 of the series, Feminism is not really about “gender equality”. It is more about the advocacy and advancing of women’s rights. The two are not the same.

Any claim of “equality” is merely a ruse to confuse and misdirect. Truth is, people interested in “equal rights” focus EQUALLY on the rights of everyone, rather than that of only women.

Furthermore, the idea of “equality” explicitly contradicts Godly principles, and you won’t find it anywhere in the Scriptures. Men and Women were not created to be “equal”, but to be different. These differences were supposed to be taken into consideration when dealing with each other. In other words, our respective powers and strengths were intended to complement, rather than compete and contend.

In essence, we are like 2 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, fitting together to make the perfect picture. This means we have EQUAL VALUE in the grand scheme of things, rather than being “equal”. We are different, BUT form parts of the same body, and having different functions, responsibilities and objectives – Rom 12:4 and 1 Cor 12:12-27.

This fallacy of equality is the first lie of Feminism.

Feminism also promotes the separation of the woman from the man – something that directly contradicts God’s plans. It does this via what I call the Demonic Triage of Feminism (Independence, Liberation and Equality).

Riddle me this: how can you be “independent” from that which you were made from? (Genesis 2:22). How can you “liberate” yourself from that which you are meant to cleave with? (Ephesians 5:31). How can you be “equal” to that which is different from you? (Romans 12:4).

This is the second lie of Feminism.

Truth is, Feminism is about power. It seeks to make a so called “weak” person strong, by making a strong person weak.

It is about the elevation of the Woman, not to a position of equal power, but to that of unequal power. Feminism seeks to deify women and make them into gods. Remember the lie Satan seduced the woman with? “……and you will be LIKE God” – Genesis 3:5. The plan of feminism is simply to give women power over themselves, over men, and over everything else. Simple.

This offer of power is the third lie of Feminism.

You can see this phenomenon in the plethora of memes, posts on social media, and various messages in society, where men are encouraged to treat women like demi gods, to fear and worship them, and basically do whatever they ask for. And if you refuse, you are not a “man”, or even worse, labelled a chauvinist, sexist, and misogynist.

And we cannot talk about feminism without mentioning its catchphrase – “Empowerment”. It is responsible for the profusion of programs, retreats, conferences and messages offering to free women from the shackles that hold them bound, via ridiculous avenues like makeup, fashion, gifting them used handbags, or promoting shopping – a la the Sex and The City television series.

Even Weight Watchers got in on the act selling their products in the US, promising it “provides empowerment” – because it’ll make you thinner. Others simply seduce through money making schemes, career seminars, or by encouraging promiscuity and sexual “freedom”.

When Kim Kardashian tweeted a topless selfie a few months ago, she claimed that she was empowered by her sexuality. When former stripper Amber Rose exposed her naked snatch in a shocking Instagram post, she also claimed it was “feminist”. When teenage model Giselle sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi based businessman for £2 Million, she claimed it was “empowering”.

Also, when women fight for the right to kill their unborn children, they claim it as an issue of having rights over their bodies. Do you see where this is going?

Interestingly, none of these “empowerment” messages involve encouraging women to be better wives, mothers, helpmeets, or homemakers. And none encourage them to be chaste, meek, humble, submissive, or respectful.

And despite all the emancipation, liberal agenda and independent mind-set a lot of women espouse today, most still cling fanatically to outdated traditional norms of the man being the main or sole “provider” in the home.

Basically, “empowerment” has become the cover for doing whatever the hell you like and a synonym for self-indulgent narcissism. It is a self created, society maintained space where anything goes – and anyone who complains is simply trying to oppress or subjugate you.

Whether we like it or not, the contagious cancer of feminism has seeped into social consciousness and contaminated the mind-set of believer and unbeliever alike.

Truth is, many Christian women claiming not to identify with Feminism or subscribe to its values, are actually closet feminists. This is why biblical tenets like Submission presents a major problem and they find it difficult to accept. It is also why many have difficulty accepting the ideas of male headship, women not preaching, or women being created for the benefit of men.

These notions cause great vexation and instigate deep discomfort; with allegations of the Bible being sexist and written by men flung around. And whilst all this is going on, the Church shamelessly buries its head it the sand and continues with its titillating teachings on open heavens, enlarged territories, blessings and prosperity.

In the second concluding part, I round up all the arguments and show that feminism, though succeeding in its main aim – which is to sow discord between the Man & Woman, undermine the family, destroy marriage, and make women into gods, has failed dismally in what it promised women as a whole.

Indeed, women are the main victims, but all of society bears the brunt.

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2017



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