Can a Christian (woman or man) be a “feminist”? This is the question this series will be attempting to answer.

However before I begin, I would first like to put aside any issue of objectivity (should it arise). This opinion piece is looking at the concept of Feminism through the lens of Christianity and the Scriptures; and hence should be regarded as subjective.

So, what exactly is “Feminism”? It is a socially pervasive term we are all familiar with, and which everyone – from strippers to the wives of presidents are eager to associate themselves with.

A dictionary definition says it is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. An entry in Wikipedia further calls it “a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes”

Well, seems kosher, doesn’t it? However, like most dictionary definitions of a concept or idea, it doesn’t quite paint the full picture. Let us examine these definitions in a bit more detail.

The key word that underpins Feminism is “equality” – as in “equality of the sexes”. This is the first red herring in this issue. Men and Women are obviously not “equal”. Not in any sense of the word. Put simply, no two different things can be “equal”. This seemingly pedantic nit picking is crucial in understanding what is really going on with Feminism.

Not being equal does not mean one party is superior to the other. It simply means they are different, but possessing EQUAL VALUE. And as we shall see later on in the series, the equality issue is merely a ruse to whip up sentiment.

Feminism claims it is about “gender equality”, whilst simultaneously saying it is about “the advocacy of women’s rights”. Obviously, this is an oxymoron and presents a clear contradiction in terms – because any movement that advocates for the rights of one gender over the other, or fights for one gender whilst ignoring, disparaging or even undermining the rights of the other, is clearly sexist by nature and unequal by design.

The key phrase should be “Equity” – which is fairness for ALL in every situation, and taking people unique situations into account. Put simply, if feminists were striving for equality, they wouldn’t be called “feminists” to begin with.

Ironically, pursuing the “equality” and “fairness” agenda whilst ignoring the numerous differences that exist between men and women, simply disadvantages those already discriminated against, and makes them suffer more.

For instance, in sports, if the idea of equality and balance is upheld, men would be pitted against women, with the end result of women being beaten in almost every single case and category. If society had gone down this route, we would not have the female sporting icons that litter history today, and the landscape of sports would have been very different. More so, we have all been conditioned to see the terms “equal” and “unequal” in basic oppository terms, and to see things as either the same, less, or more than the other.

Rather than acknowledging and celebrating our inherent differences, society has conditioned us to enter into a competitive rivalry that pits one party against the other, birthing a war straight from the bowels of Hell.

Make no mistake, Feminism is a demonic scourge upon the face of this earth. It is a malady birthed through demonic possession/ affliction, and its seeds were sown by Satan himself in the Garden of Eden. This conclusion is not mere opinion based on histrionics, but as we shall see in the next parts of the series, the result of careful research, scriptural study, and spiritual revelation.

In the beginning, Satan sold the woman a lie dressed up as the truth. He told her “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be LIKE God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3:5.

This was a lie based on an offer of power – that of being “like God”. Basically, Satan had subliminally convinced the woman she had no power of her own, and thus, was able to easily deceive her with his own offer of power greater than anything she had ever known.

And this is exactly what Feminism is about. It is founded on the illusory and fallacious assertion that women have no power, and they are the victims of men (read Patriarchy) whose sole aim on earth is to suppress, subjugate, and bring them under their dominion and control.

Thus, Feminism makes this irresistible offer to women, based on the lie that they have no power, or that it was stolen, and they have to fight to get it back.

Of course, many would deny this truth behind its seemingly benign and fluffy definitions. However, in Part 2 we will look at the lies that underpin Feminism a bit more, explore the various strains of virulent feminism that exist, and reveal the satanic foundations of Feminism in greater detail.

God Bless.

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2017

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