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So, here we are at the end of the series where I asked: Can a Christian be a Feminist? To answer this question definitively, let us first examine if feminism has made women any happier or delivered any lasting benefit, before rounding up all the arguments.

This is a long one, so let’s jump right into it.

There is no doubt that Feminism and the push for equality has delivered more rights to women than at anytime in history; yet, by every metric measured, women are not only unhappy, but their level of happiness has fallen.

A study by the US National Bureau of Economic Research – “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness”, found that whilst women were happier than men in the 70’s, that difference has been eroded to zero today, and the level of happiness has fallen.

Another study found that “despite having more opportunities than ever before, women still had a lower sense of well-being and life satisfaction”.

So, what exactly has this drive for “empowerment” achieved? Marriages are still not lasting, divorce rates are rising, and unwed mothers, teenage pregnancy, pre-marital sex, and promiscuity is rife.

Some women are engaged in adulterous relationships with married men, or being kept as mistresses, whilst screaming “empowerment”. Some are crying themselves to sleep every night due to loneliness, yet screaming “empowerment”. And some yearn desperately for dependable male companionship, but are still screaming “empowerment” all over the place.

The point is, true empowerment has never been about independence, liberation, or power. It not about education, fashion or success. It is certainly not about the freedom to expose yourself, dress naked, or kill your unborn children.

It is not tied to your career, money or wealth. It is simply about accepting your purpose, and being at peace with what God created you to be – a HELPMEET unto a man. Of course, in the sad lost world we inhabit today, such a statement is derided as chauvinistic and misogynistic.

Edged on by feminism, women gave up their feminine side, so they could attain what they believed had been taken from them. They were encouraged to covet men’s masculine energy, whilst ignoring, trivialising, or even demeaning their innate feminine energy.

Being “girly” came to be seen as an offensive and misogynistic term. Women forgot that they were created to be girly, they forgot they loved being girly, and forgot men loved them girly. The end result is a generation of extremely accomplished actresses who pretend to be happy with everything, but deep down, all they want is a happy home with a loving man who takes care of them, whilst they have the choice to stay at home and look after their kids – if they want to.

More so, due to the dissonance created by feminism, most women tenaciously hold on to traditional values and roles in secret, whilst banging the equality drum in public. Most want a man who will provide for them and meet their needs, whilst claiming they can do it all themselves. Most desire courtship and chivalry, yet subscribe to a movement that says men are not necessary, and are certainly not needed.

A while ago on one of my posts, I watched as feminists strode gallantly into battle to defend their rights to be chased and courted by men. Such is the confusion inherent in feminism.

On every level you care to look at deeply, feminism simply makes no sense – except to those who have bought the lie wholesale.

Feminism has now escorted women to a stage where they are unable to live their true authentic selves. They suffer in silence as they attempt to manage the disharmony that ensues from living a lie. And rather than admit the whole thing has been a farce, they pretend their lives are perfect and they have it all together by posting “perfect” pictures on social media.

Women are now far more stressed, more depressed, and less fulfilled than they have ever been. Over time, they have found themselves struggling with the opportunities feminism secured, and have become walking indictments of its so called goals.

They now face the more negative aspects of corporate life – workplace stress, combined with the challenges of trying to raise a family and running a home at the same time. This had led to unhealthy lifestyle choices, bad eating habits, high levels of alcohol consumption, and subsequently higher rates of depression.

Research shows that women are twice as likely to suffer from general anxiety disorders and clinical depression as men. They are also 40% more likely to develop some form of mental illness.

And this has nothing to do with their husbands or marriages.

In 2007, using data from the largest national studies ever done on the subject, researchers found that Marriage significantly reduces depressive symptoms in women (and men). Another study of more than 6,000 women carried out by University of Toronto looked at the risks and benefits of marriage. It found 35% of single women suffered depression, as opposed to 10% of married women.

Truth is, whilst promoting a culture of independence and liberation from men seemed an attractive proposition, it has simply led to a dysfunctional society filled with dysfunctional people. Most women are now awakening to the harsh reality of this lie; but unfortunately, the cancer is so deep that most are also unable to free themselves from it.

We now live in a world where male masculinity is sold as a threat and its boundaries defined to make it acceptable. Men are told to give up their masculinity and be more sensitive, whilst women are told to be more independent, assertive, strong, and even dominant. Men are being conditioned to see their strength as a weakness, whilst women are told their femininity and vulnerability is something to be ashamed of.

Like lemming to the edge of a cliff, we all buy into the foolishness; birthing unfulfilled relationships, unhappy women, and weak effeminate men who know nothing about manhood or leadership. Our society is unlearning masculinity at every level, and feminizing every stage of male life. And we are ALL paying the price.

The main message of feminism is that women do not need men. It says they can have it all, do it on their own, and that liberation and independence is the way out. But for any one thing feminism gives women, it takes away ten. Anyone familiar with how Satan works will immediately recognize this pattern.

It is telling that when the National Organization for Women (NOW), the foremost American feminist organization in the US, issued a “Bill of Rights” for women in 1998, the word “Happiness” is not even mentioned once. It doesn’t feature either in the manifesto of the New York Radical Feminists.

As far as feminism is concerned, Happiness isn’t just a rare word, it was never the plan in the first place.

Feminism should be regarded as a spiritual malady or sickness that crafts layer upon layer of lies and illusions in order to build a gross untruth – which is, women don’t need men, and can do it on their own. But the truth is, they CAN’T do it on their own, and they need men as much as men need them. .

Scripture says – “And the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let NO ONE separate.” – Mark 10:8-9. This separation is the sole overarching aim of feminism.

The world’s most acceptable face of feminism, Michelle Obama once said – “the measure of any society is how it treats its women”.

Please take a moment to download the full import of this statement.

It underlines the galling hypocrisy of Feminism. It isn’t interested in equal rights. It is only interested in women’s rights. It isn’t interested in children. It is only interested in the “girl child”. It certainly isn’t interested justice. It is only interested in power.

It is also telling that Michelle’s husband, former President Obama, created a White House Council on Women and Girls, but refused to create a White House Council on Men and Boys

Personally, I abhor and detest everything about feminism. It is anti-God, anti- marriage, anti-men, anti-family, and anti-happiness. It is simply an elaborate scheme designed by Satan, the father of lies himself, with the aim of sowing enmity between the man and woman, thereby driving a wedge between them and destroying God’s carefully laid plans.

So, can a Christian be a feminist?? I think at this point, I’ll leave you to answer that one yourselves.

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2017


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