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They say my “Christianity” is too extreme, and that it is not “broadminded” enough. I didn’t understand what this meant, so I decided to check the Bible. In there I came across a man with all the power in Heaven, who came down to earth and was killed for other people’s sins; including yours and mine.

That seems “extreme” to me.

This man told me that if I was a TRUE Christian, people should dislike and hate me on account of the life I live and the things I say.

Hate? Not love? That is certainly extreme!

He showed me in the Bible where people were “cut to the heart” and “sawn asunder” with anger and indignation on account of what some of His followers said to them, that they sought to kill them right there and then.

Whatever it was, it must have been pretty extreme to provoke such a reaction, I thought to myself.

He also showed me how all these followers were killed by those they were sent to save – crucified, stabbed with a sword, impaled on a spear, nailed upside down, put in boiling oil, burnt alive, beheaded, stoned and clubbed to death.

“Christ!”…..I swore unintentionally. That is very extreme!

This man, Son of God no less, then made it clear He did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword of Truth that will set family against family, sibling against sibling, friend against friend, and make them enemies of each other.

Jeez! This was getting more extreme by the minute.

Then He said if I wasn’t ready to give up EVERYTHING I have – my family and loved ones, and give all my worldly possessions to the poor, I was not ready to follow Him.

Furthermore, He said if I wasn’t prepared to “hate” my father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters – yes, even my own life and count them all as nothing, I could not be His disciple!

After all this, the man told me to follow Him.

I asked to where?

He said to the Cross.

I asked for what?

He said to die.


Yes. Die.

Die to Self. Die to Sin. Die to Flesh. Die to Ego. Die to Offence. Die for Love. Die to worldly possessions and materialism. Die to the world and all it has to offer. Die to your need to be liked and accepted. Die to your husbands, wives, friends and loved ones, then DIE for them.


Strewth! This was “extremism” on a whole different level than my Flesh could even comprehend.

Unfortunately, no one wants to die in order to live. We all want to live in order to die. Like everything else, we have turned the gospel of Christ upside down.

So, it is time to stop this gutless “middle of the road” Christianity we are practicing and advertising. It has no effect in our lives or in the world. It is not the Christianity of the Bible, nor what Christ preached and practiced.

It is simply a figment of our imagination and a creation of our fallen Selves.

True Christianity is an EXTREME way of life. No ifs. No buts. Just truth.

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2018

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