Wakanda Is NOT Forever TP
Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere in another galaxy, you should now be aware of the cinematic juggernaut that is the Black Panther movie.

As the dust settles and with the Vibranium still vibrating, it is now clear Black Panther was no ordinary cinematic flick. It has shattered box office takings and amassed all manner or records along the way.

At the time of writing, Black Panther has the largest opening weekend of any film in history, and is the top grossing film by a black director featuring a largely black cast. More so, after less than 30 days, it has made over a billion dollars!

For any movie, much less a “black” one, these are astounding numbers indeed.

And this is where the first issue rears its head. Black Panther is no more a “black movie”, than the LA Lakers is “black basketball team”; merely because it features predominantly black players on its team roster.

Black Panther is a Marvel Studios film, and Marvel Studios is owned by the Walt Disney Company. The sad truth is, no black person was involved in the financing or producing of this film.

But let’s put that minor detail aside and focus on the main issue.

I found Black Panther to be an immensely enjoyable movie. This Afro-futuristic sci fi epic cum Shakespearean family drama boasts a great cast, strong acting, and is filled with nuanced intelligent discourse, humorous timing, and strong (female) characters.

Presenting an alternate-reality vision of Africa as its central theme, I luxuriated in its “black empowerment” message, its courageous jab at the current state of the world, and the contemporary crackle it was able to muster; whilst still staying true to its African and Marvel roots.

In short, Black Panther emerges as a marvel-ous masterpiece and a cinematic triumph.

However, beneath all glitz, glamour and goose bumps, I couldn’t help but notice another layer of sophistication subliminally interlaced with the nuanced allegories and smooth film making.

Hidden in plain sight, Black Panther served up ungodliness par excellence on a shimmering plate for our unfettered consumption. From black magic, witchcraft, satanic rituals and ancestral worship, to necromancy, spirit possession, conjuring up the dead, and all other manner of things explicitly condemned in the Scriptures, Black Panther has it in spades.

Even Baphomet, the false god with a Goat’s head associated with Satanism and the occult, made an appearance as the Mgbedike (Igbo) mask Michael B. Jordan’s character (Erik Killmonger) stole from the museum and wore in the film.

Now, many are lauding Black Panther for its powerful but illusory portrayal of Africa. However, you will do well to remember that African culture is grossly steeped in paganism and the worship of multiple false gods.

For an Afrocentric non Christian, this may not be an issue, but any self respecting Christian should have difficulty squaring his/her customs, culture and traditions with true Christianity.

And it gets worse.

Walt Disney, creator of Disney Studios was a known occultist, freemason, and a member of the Ancient Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis – also known as the Rosicrucians or AMORC. He was also a known acquaintance of Anton Levay, the author of the Satanic Bible and leader of the Church of Satan.

Disney movies (usually aimed at children) are well known to contain overt sexual references and occultic themes. They are also known to regularly promote witchcraft and contain subliminal pro gay messages.

Anyone attempting to dispute Disney’s sexual and occult symbolism is either in denial, or has not watched any Disney cartoons/ films objectively.

I know many people also enjoyed Black Panther, but PLEASE allow me to rain on your parade and illuminate a perspective that has been hidden from you.

We live in a world of mass deception; and for Ruler of this world to achieve his aim, evil must be seen as Good, darkness seen as Light, and the created worshiped above the Creator.  And without a shadow of doubt, the best way of propagating this deception is through television, entertainment and media; via the law of repeated exposure.

You are simply exposed and “entertained” to the point where you suspend your consciousness in enjoyment, and you begin to accept certain things as integral parts of the social fabric and scenery.

In essence, ungodly things become normalised. And you do not even notice it.

This is why shows like Power, Empire, Being Mary Jane, Scandal, Queen Sugar, et al abound. They glamorise and normalise greed, materialism, adultery, fornication, infidelity, homosexuality and all manner of ungodly behaviour.

You also have shows like The Sopranos, lauded as the “greatest show of all time”, which creates empathy for a mafia mob boss and psychopathic mass murderer, and even a TV series called “Lucifer” – portraying Satan as a good guy.

Can you see the pattern and plan? Or are you still walking around with your eyes wide shut?

I have watched with dismay as many so called “strong black people” are carried away by a fantasy totally fabricated from the imagination of another human being. Unable to peer beyond the glossy sheen of the Wakandan illusion, they mindlessly repeat the lie they have been programmed to say – “Wakanda Forever”.

But these people have never shouted or repeated “Jesus Forever” or ”God Forever” on their social media timelines or posts. Do they have any idea why the powers that be want Wakanda to be “forever” in their minds?

The truth is, ONLY God is forever. Nothing created in this physical realm is forever – not even a beautiful mirage.

I tell you now, ANYTIME you see society loving and clamouring after something, heaping accolades and compliments upon it, it is time to look at it again.

The truth is ALWAYS hidden in plain view.

Whatever is highly esteemed among men, is an abhorrence and abomination in the sight of God” – Luke 16:15.

K.B. Davies | Transformational Power™ ©2018


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